About M.W. Thompson Investigative Services

Matt Thompson, Owner and Chief Investigator of M.W. Thompson Investigative Services began his investigative career back in 1996. After conducting thousands of hours of surveillance investigations on hundreds of different cases, he has honed his skills to a degree that enables him to consistently obtain results, even when other investigators have failed. Additionally, we utilize top of the line technical and video surveillance equipment to get the job done right.

Aside from his surveillance expertise, he was previously a Criminal Investigator at the San Francisco Public Defender's Office. Since re-locating to Sacramento he has obtained dozens of criminal defense attorneys as clients and has retained them by proving that he has the knowledge, tenacity and expertise to get the job done and take the case to a positive resolution. He is also on the Investigator Panel for Sacramento County and handles Indigent Defense Panel cases for criminal defense attorneys on the Panel.

Mr. Thompson has also proven that he has an exceptional ability to locate individuals and utilizes a wide variety of investigative avenues to accomplish this. He has several banking and finance industry clients that utilize his skills to locate debtors after all other attempts have failed. Do you need to find an important witness that disappeared years ago? Mr. Thompson can find that witness and has done so on countless occasions!

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